Moore 2 Life:Exploring the waterways

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Work Boats: Samuel Barlow Coal Co. Ltd.

Samuel Barlow started in the late 1850's transporting coal from pits in the Tamworth area, often to Huntley & Palmers biscuit factory in Reading. Samuel's grandson S E Barlow continued with the business. Many of the boats were built at Nursers yard in Braunston.

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DAPHNE O. C. 5663, No. 48 Motor Nursers Ex Barlow.

| July 2005 Caldon Leek branch |

HOOD O C 5676, 100 Motor Samuel E Barlow 'Severn'.

| June 2010 Braunston |

PRINCE No. 1 Motor Ex Barlow

| March 2009 Wheaton Aston |