Moore 2 Life:Exploring the waterways

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Work Boats: Cowburn and Cowpar Ltd.

This firm based in Manchester used narrow boats to transport liquids, often of a dangerous nature such as hydrogen disulphide. Originally in carboys but later boats had tanks fitted. Between 1933 and 1936 eight new boat were built by Yarwoods of Northwich, all named after birds with the first letter 'S'. They were fitted with Gardner engines. All eight boats survive today.

Seagull, Skylark, Snipe, Starling, Stork, Swallow, Swan, Swift

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ETHEL 1091 Butty

| Sep 2007 Knighton |

SKYLARK 1128 Motor Privately owned

| Oct 2004 Jam 'ole run | Nov 2004 Braunston |

STARLING 1138 Motor

| Aug 2005 Knighton | Sep 2007 |

SWALLOW 1121 Motor 1934 Yarwoods, Northwich

| Aug 2005 | Jun 2009 Braunston |